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As you establish and develop your business—branding, media exposure, and authority are the quickest ways to become successful fast.  However, getting this kind of authority is difficult, and very expensive, even if you are lucky enough to attract the media’s attention.

One reason why becoming a media-level authority can be so difficult is because it requires someone to be interested in running a story about you.  You have to have a unique product, unusual service, a powerful message, or perhaps an interesting story.  Even then, it’s practically impossible for you to attract this kind of attention.

Maybe you might be lucky enough to find someone to pay for the privilege, but at a minimum, it will cost you $5,000 to $25,000 for the privilege. And that is for just one story!

It Does Not Have To Be Like That For You!

What if you could get complete, unlimited access to some of the most respected media publications in the world?

Imagine what you could do with that kind of access.

You would go “straight to the top” when it comes to expert positioning and authority in whatever niche you were in.

Media Authority Marketing Is Critical To Your Success!

Authority marketing helps you leverage your knowledge to position yourself as an authority, an expert, or even a celebrity, in your industry.

This celebrity status then builds trust and respect that allows you to dramatically amplify your message and convert new and existing audiences into higher paying customers.

Posting content and highlighting your media appearances can provide instant proof to a prospect that you are more qualified than your competitors, making it much easier for them to choose you instead.

Benefits from Authority Marketing

How Does This Benefit You?

By Leveraging The Trust and Power of Top-Tier Media Sites, You Will Be Able To:

• Build Your Brand & Authority By Publishing Your Content On Prestigious Media Sites
• Rank For Major Competitive Keywords Using These Top Tier Media Sites
• Tap Into These Sites’ Massive Audiences To Promote Your Products & Services
• Develop A Huge Social Media Presence To Attract Instant Traffic On Command
• Create Powerful & Trusted Authority Links To Your Pages and Websites
• By Positioning Yourself As An Expert, Other Media Agencies May Approach You
• Offer and Resell This Service To Your Clients Who Will Pay Top-Dollar For The Privilege
• And so much more…

How Else Can You Profit From Exclusive Media Marketing?

You would be very hard-pressed to find a realtor, lawyer, doctor, accountant, author, speaker, executive,product owner, or any other professional business owner that would not want this type of media attention.

Anyone that doesn’t is likely to soon go broke, be out of business, or simply be chasing their competition their entire career, not to mention untold amounts of unrealized profits.
That fact is that businesses and professionals really need to set themselves apart from the rest of the competition in order to stay ahead.

Your current and potential customers are always evaluating you and your competitors to determine who can provide them with the best value.

Being featured by the most trusted media brands in the world clearly and dramatically sets you apart.

It showcases and highlights your business and story in a way that only the media can.
This a unique opportunity that you can use to position yourself, your business, or your clients as authoritative experts.

Offer This Service To Others And Make Big $$$!

Savvy business owners pay top-dollar for this kind of opportunity!

Many people would beg for a chance to be featured on a site like these. They often go through their entire professional careers dreaming of it, only to never be given the opportunity, ever.

Be Their Hero!
You will be the person that makes their dreams come true. People are willing to spend a lot of money for a chance like this…and it is well-worth every penny.

And it gets better because you can also guarantee that they will be featured every time.

As a matter of fact, you can offer this service to anyone with almost any type of business.
• Professionals Such As Attorneys, Dentists, Accountants, Consultants, Etc.
• Executives, Professors, Athletes, Actors, Charities, Etc.
• Brick and Mortar Businesses In Any Location Or Industry
• E-Commerce and Internet Based Businesses
• Speakers, Authors, Trainers, & Coaches
• And on and on…

Dedicated to Your Success

We Want You To Succeed

Becoming an industry expert and getting featured in top-level media doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, we made it easy and took out all the hard work for you.

We understand that some of this stuff might seem a little tricky so here are some of the things we to make it easier for you:

• Each Subscription Provides Access To One Of The Media Sites Listed
• You Choose Which Media Site You Prefer With Each Subscription
• Option To Purchase Multiple Subscriptions (More Exposure, More Authority!)
• No Limit To The Number Of Articles You Can Post!
• We Offer To Write Your First Article With Each Subscription
• Different Subscription Levels Based On Your Goals And Needs
• Tiered Pricing Based On Volume
• Ongoing Access To Our Experienced And Professional Article Writers
• Compete Done-For-You Service

Using our connections and resources, we negotiated the lowest prices for access to these top media sites, hired the best writers to write professional-quality content for our clients, and can guarantee that you will be featured every time.

Keep in mind that the typical cost of a featured article placement in a top tier media site costs anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000, and that’s for just for one article! Even if they bothered approaching you about doing one in the first place.

You are only one decision away from supercharging your success!

This is a very LIMITED and EXCLUSIVE offer, so you better grab this deal now before someone else does and you lose out on this rare opportunity for the privileged few.

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